Dr. Bob Utley founded Bible Lessons International in 1976 in Lubbock, Texas. Initially he taught the "Uniform" Sunday School series on local radio and television stations. In 1979, however, Dr. Utley felt the Lord leading him into an expanded media ministry. At that time a tax-exempt, non-profit educational corporation was formed which began to produce teacher training/preparation material to support all three Southern Baptist Convention Sunday School lesson series. Dr. Utley taught the "Life and Work" series on the SBC "ACTS" satellite TV network for seven years.

Dr. Utley, as a local pastor, taught verse-by-verse through New Testament books on Sunday evenings and through Old Testament books on Wednesday evenings. All these teachings became the "Video and Audio Bible Commentaries" which are now available on this website.

A Word from Bob:

"Recently the Lord has allowed me to see the connections in the past that have brought me to the worldwide internet ministry that BLI has today. I want to share this with you. Several years ago when I was still teaching at East Texas Baptist University I received an e-mail from Logos (Bible Software Company). My New Testament commentaries are included in their system. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, had contacted Logos and wanted to produce a CD-ROM of their training materials to give away to pastors worldwide, to be translated into 50 languages. They wanted to translate all of my commentaries and include them on the CD-ROM. I quickly and excitedly gave permission to do so. Because I have never sold my commentaries to a publisher I retain full rights to them (so that I can give them away). Not long after this I was teaching at the Emmaus OMS Seminary in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. I went to a local church on Sunday morning and as the pastor preached God spoke to my heart, “Go home and give all your Bible studies away, free to the world.” I was not really surprised by this because for many years in my overseas travels it had become obvious to me that many countries have no Bible study materials in their languages. When they are available the cost is about four times as much as in the USA. So, this had been a desire of mine for a long time. However, I had never made the mental connection between these two experiences until I heard that Bill Bright had gone to be with the Lord without completing the CD-ROM project. I wondered to myself, “Why would God open this door, just to close it?” Well, obviously both of these events prepared me to be open to the Internet and CD-ROM ministry that BLI is doing today!!! The Lord works in mysterious ways which may seem strange to us but He is in control and we trust Him to accomplish His will. What an awesome, mighty, wonderful God we serve!!!"

Slowly, but surely, the number of languages that have been translated is growing. The opportunities often open in miraculous ways. Here is a list of what we currently have online, and what is projected:

Translations in Progress:

God has opened so many doors! We just produced a new CD/DVD with all of the new translations. We send hundreds a month free through our website (www.freebiblecommentary.org). Please pray for us. The economic times in the U.S. look rough. But, doors still open. We give everything away free but that does not mean it does not cost. Some of the costs involved are: paying the translators producing the actual CD-ROM & postage to mail them. We need your help and prayers to walk through these open doors of “Great Commission” opportunities! We know that our God is in control and that He is working all things together to spread His Word around the world so that people may be saved and that they may grow in Christ.Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of God in Christ.